Online Voting

We offer a variety of Online Voting solutions for homeowner associations and CID Associations. If your Association is not completely prepared for the electronic age we can combine services to cover the best of both worlds of online voting and paper balloting.

Complete Online Elections

Designed for handling elections completely online. No need to snail mail any material. Fast, green and cost-effective.

Partial Hybrid Elections

The perfect solution for Associations that have many email addresses for their members and want to save money. and trees.

Full Hybrid Elections

Having a tough time achieving quorum? Cover your bases by offering more than one way to have your members have their voice heard.

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Complete Online Elections

In states that allow for online voting, we can provide a completely paper-free election package option with our TIEiVote election website. We create a completely secure and customizable web page for each voting event, where homeowners are able to log in with a unique username and password to place their vote.

Online elections are a great savings to associations of all sizes, especially the larger communities where thousands of pieces would be printed and mailed out with the postal service. Not only are you saving the association dollars by opting for online services, you're also saving trees!

Our full online voting solution is as follows


Online Candidate Solicitation

Our online candidate form can be completely customized to enter any questions desired. Association members are provided a user name and password to access the site to enter their candidate statements. Once entered, they remain undisclosed in a secure location on the site until it's time for the candidate nominations for your association's voting event to be declared.

Online Voting Site Preparation

Online Voting Site Preparation is coordinated after review of association governing documents and civil codes. Your membership list is verified for consistency and uploaded. Upon an initial email being sent, we weed out the email addresses that are not valid and maintain that information for the association. Information is never shared with anyone outside our company.

Official notice

Official notice is emailed out with explicit instructions on how to get enter the site and instructions of how to place HOA member votes. If you do not have Emails for your members, we will snail mail instructions and appropriate credentials tor members to access the system and view your specific association materials and vote online.

Quorum tracking

Quorum tracking and results tabulation is done in real time. We provide association administrative access to monitor quorum and upon poll close access the results of the election. Election results are not released before the close of polls so the purpose of the association vote cannot be swayed during the polling period.

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Partial Hybrid Elections

Our Partial Hybrid system offers your association the opportunity to provide online voting for your members who have selected to use email as their preferred method of communication with the association and then mail paper election packages and ballots to those who do not. The beauty is that you also provide mailed recipients the option to vote online, as they not only receive a paper ballot, but also their unique username and password to log in and vote online if they so choose.

This solution is a nice blend of full online election service and our mailing service. You can ensure that everyone is properly notified and given the opportunity to vote online. If your members have chosen not to be associated with electronic communication, they are given the opportunity to cast their votes via paper ballot. As the independent third party, we control those ballots and produce online and paper tally results and the election certification upon completion of the event.

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Full Hybrid Elections

The Full Hybrid Online Election Solution combines our Full Online Election Service and our Full Mailing Election Service. This is designed to maximize your quorum potential. It has been our experience that members tend to vote online at least 2:1. and growing. Members that have given permission to conduct association business electronically will be thrilled to use the online system but will also receive a mailed election package can choose which method of voting works best for them. For members that have not provided an email address, they will receive a paper election package with directions and user specific login credentials to place their vote online if they choose that route.

All of our mailed and online packages are customized for your individual association. We can incorporate your association logo on the website and in our printed election materials, and if you have other design preferences, we will make every attempt to implement them into your election package. We want to make your election package as familiar and comfortable to your association members as possible.

Whatever your election needs may be,
we are here for you!

Online Voting for the HOA / Community Association is



One simple secure user login to access your election process - voter information, candidate statements and ballot or survey. Our email reminders and updates quickly and inexpensively keep your members informed of upcoming online events and new information. Visitors can logout prior to actual ballot completion and come back any time within the voting deadlines.

Safe / Secure

Voters need to login with unique identification and be validated by the database based on a pre-approved association list of valid members. All voting is done in a 128-bit encrypted environment. Individual voting is kept strictly confidential. Voters are locked out of the Ballot as soon as they vote. We have candidate submission monitoring to control and inhibit any malicious intent. Voters’ personal information and client’s information is never shared with any third parties and kept strictly confidential.


No more paper and ink waste – we save trees! Everything is handled electronically. Information sharing, notices, agendas, candidate submission and review, voting, and reporting is all handled in an absolutely secure online environment.

Cost Effective

Reduce or Eliminate paper and envelopes, printing, stuffing and postage. In the 10 years since 2000, U.S. postal rates have increased 25 percent and that is a percentage that is not expected to decline. Save postage fees today by using our online system.

Time Savings

Updates, completion of candidate statements and balloting are done in real time. No need to wait for the mail to receive information, vote or obtain the balloting results.

“Outstanding service in every respect! I wish we'd had more time to chat and I to observe your activities. For the first time in my recollection, we had a completely orderly process and no squabbles.
Many thanks.

PeteCapri by the Sea

“TIE’s expertise was evident in every stage of the election process. What we appreciated most, however, was the responsiveness of TIE’s staff – whatever the problem, they were prompt in delivering a solution. Thank you!”

B.C.Silver Mountain Condominium Association

“Thanks again for another successful election. Your team did an outstanding job again this year, and we still can’t believe how fast your equipment counts those ballots. We look forward to working with the TIE again next year.”

Robert FigeiraExecutive Director, Woodbridge Village Association

Since each Homeowner Association is unique, we tailor our services to accommodate your needs.