Full Election Service

We offer a turn-key solution to association elections via paper, online or any combination thereof. We have served over 1,800,000 association members nationwide.

Quality Over Quantity

Attention to Detail

You can be sure you are getting the highest quality service from The Inspectors of Election.

From the careful review of your association's governing documents all the way through to the Election Certification at the close, our Inspectors have the utmost integrity and professionalism so you can be assured your election is fair and honest.

We here at The Inspectors of Election pride ourselves on holding the highest of standards for service.
All of our mailed and online packages are customized for your individual association. If your association has a logo or any other design preferences, we will make every attempt to implement them into your election package online and via mail. We want to make your election package as familiar and comfortable to your association members as possible.

TIE was developed from within the Common Interest Development industry for our industry and was established on three fundamental principles:


We Provide Professionals

Provide our clients with the best qualified and most professional personnel

Modern Voting Tech

Provide the most current and most efficient technology to support the election process


We help protect the integrity of the election

You guys are the best and we’re so appreciative of how effortless you make this whole process.

Anastasia TheoharisTheoharis Management LLC

What We Offer

From the research of your governing documents and civil codes to Election Certification, we offer the most professional and cost-effective administration for your next election. Our standard services include:

Review of Governing Documents


Develop a tailored Action Calendar for your election


As an option - facilitate candidate solicitation via paper, online or both


Prepare Election Package of Ballot, Notice, Agenda and More


Print, stuff and Mail Election Package to the Membership


Receive Ballots from your members and track quorum


Count Ballots and produce the results at the meeting


Certify the voting event and provide written certification to the Board of Directors


Provide an option to notify members of the results of the election

Virtual Meetings Available

During COVID times, virtual living was not only a means of survival, from being able to work remotely, buy groceries online and even stay in touch with family; but also a means for voters to have their voices heard. We began holding election meetings via video conference when onsite meetings were not an option during the pandemic.
Even now, they are the preferred way to hold meetings as they are far more cost effective than holding onsite in-person meetings.
Attending virtually means reaching a wider audience and being able to provide results instantaneously. The meeting attendees can watch the vote tabulation in real time, as we share our screen online to show how the votes are being tabulated.

Whereas, those attending an in-person meeting at the venue would not get that opportunity.

Our meeting rooms come fully equipped with cameras for easy online viewing, and for those who live nearby and wish to be in-person here at our facility, we have a viewing room with a window to see inside the meeting room while the Inspector is scanning and tabulating ballots.

Since each Homeowner Association is unique, we tailor our services to accommodate your needs.